Official dealer of CONTENT organs

This is where sound and quality meet.

Official dealer of CONTENT organs

This is where sound and quality meet.

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Why Choose A CONTENT Organ?

  • Quality console with 4 intonations
  • Full pedal board
  • Digital sampled pipe organ sound
  • Tracker Touch Key Boards
  • Reliable organs with natural sound
  • Flexible wind supply
  • Factory Warranties
  • And more…
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More Features of CONTENT Organs

  • Intonations Easily Customizable
  • Pipe Organ Characteristic
  • Convolution Type Reverb
  • Historical temperament
  • Wind drawer selectable
  • Custom Build Organ to Specifications
  • Stylish and Elegant Consoles
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About Prairie Organ Sales*

Our company was started by Koos Vis in 2005 and teamed up together with Klaas Bos at the Classical Organ Centre* in Ontario. Our passion for the CONTENT® organ is driven by the superb sound performance that comes close to the real pipe organ. Our goal and desire is to help you make the choice for your next organ for home or church.

Our professional CONTENT® team will assist you before, during and after your purchase.

*Official CONTENT® dealers

We order directly from the manufacturer!

We custom order your new organ directly from the CONTENT® Organs manufacturer in Ermelo, The Netherlands. Our business operates with low overhead (inventory and facility) to keep your purchase cost down and still provide quality products and service.

CONTENT® offers factory rebates at regular intervals which we pass on to you! Call us today at (403) 795-9597 to discuss your playing needs.

Visit the manufacturer website: CONTENT® organs.